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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Could it possibly be?! Is the end of the year in sight? Yes! And with wedding season "officially" over, I'm feeling a bit out of sorts. I don't quite know what to do with myself. Luckily, album orders have been the name of the game this week, so I've been busy regardless of having no weddings in the next month or so.

Which leads me to.....

- Albums! I need to put together a full album blog post showing all the great features of the new album selections, I think. I've been blown away by the album orders this past week...super-excited! Albums are the BEST way to show off your pictures, and its my humble opinion that everyone should have one.

- SmugMug Sale: STILL going on, but ends on if you want to order prints, canvas wraps, thin wraps, or any print product from your event or sitting, waiting will do you no good! Save 25% with the coupon code SEASONEND10 and let me know if you need your sitting/event loaded onto Smugmug to take advantage.

- On one more "business" related note, I'm about 1/2 booked for 2011 and already moving into 2012 bookings, so if you have a wedding coming up for 2011 or 2012, again...waiting is not the way to go!

- The Peanut has been struck down with her first cold since she was 1 year old. Poor thing...she's taking it like a champ though.

- This Thursday the Collages CLASS groups from Madison and Milwaukee are coming together to meet. It's going to be epic. That's a lot of fun and talent in one area. The restaurant may explode from the awesome-ness contained inside.

- I don't even want to think about Christmas shopping right now. It just seems like a massive undertaking at this point. So, TV can knock it off with the pre-Thanksgiving Christmas shopping commercials any time now.

- I did order Betty's new Etsy frock for her Christmas pictures though, so hopefully I'll get those done soon.

- I had one of those parenting moments the other day....Betty was asking about the baby coming at Christmas and I said "Yes, the baby will be here at Christmas" and she asks "So how are they gonna get it out of there?"

I'm guessing "Magic" probably wasn't the best response.

- Can I complain a TINY bit about companies/websites/whatever making changes for the sake of changes that benefit NO ONE. For one, Facebook. First, they take away the "View Comments" button for fan pages, which is just pointless and stupid. THEN, they make the type on the walls teeny weeny tiny. Why? Just because they can.

And Smugmug....with the new uploading options. Are you serious? I've never seen anything more inefficient. And I really don't like going to load a wedding and having it die 1/2 way through. Just sayin'. Sometimes, leaving well-enough alone is preferred.

- I had to do my first "1 date, 2 clients" turn-away this week. It always sucks. I know most photographers have a "first who pays gets the date" policy, as do I...but I really hate to disappoint anyone. There are just not enough dates in some prime months....and I am a people-pleaser. I want to take all of their weddings. It's kind of a bummer part of this job. Thankgoodness for a great referral I can pass those along to people I know will rock it out. Another plug for creating community among photog-friends!

- This week is shaping up to be another one full of holiday order fulfillment, album building, and the like. I have a family sitting tomorrow, one Sunday, and a fun "Trash the Dress" on Sunday as well. But, I am knocking out the holiday orders in between shooting, so get those album gift orders in ASAP, folks!

And now, your moment-o-Betty. We decided to play Betty's version of "hopscotch" in the foyer yesterday. All went well until she had a meltdown when she believed I had stolen her "rock" (which was, she had no proof!)

And I'll leave you this week with evidence of how very very cool my husband an I are. Working the last wedding of the season and deciding to hop into the photobooth for a little fun.

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