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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Can you believe Thanksgiving is over and we're on our way to Christmas already? Seriously, since wedding season ending it's as if time is moving at warp speed. Doesn't seem to be enough days in a month to get everything done.....

- I actually mixed things up as far as the holiday went this year. In 30 years, I've never deviated from my Turkey Day plans (except for the 1 year I lived in California). Yesterday, I went out of town for Thanksgiving and spent it with my in laws, kiddo, and husband in Chicago. It was REALLY relaxed, fun, and the food @ Fulton's on the River was EXCELLENT. Whoever thought to put roasted marshmallows on top of sweet potatoes is a about the ultimate pregnancy food.

This holiday season is going to be a study in new traditions, I think....and I'm excited about that. I can only hope that come December 25th I have a new baby to cuddle.

- I am running a Black Friday sale (me and everyone else, apparently). To save 25% on any Type A Images SMUGMUG order enter the coupon code "BLACKFRIDAY". It's only good until the end of the day today, so jump on it! Go to your pictures here:

- If you're not a Facebook "fan" of Type A Images yet, hop on over to and add yourself. It's the best way to get a heads up on specials, new sitting sneak peeks, and tons of cool info.

- I watched a very small snippet of the American Music Awards. The Bieber Snippet. Maybe it's a sign of my age. I just. don't. get. it. The appeal of Bieber does not resonate with me. Plus I'm LOL'ing that they sat the kid in front of a piano to make him look all serious and artsy.....and once he stood up to do his "thang" the piano kept playing. FAIL.

- I'm going to spoil a bit of Dexter for you folks....I think 5 days is sufficient buffer. How AWESOME was Dexter beating up the stepdad of Astor's friend!?! I wanted to yell at the TV "GO DEXTER GO!" cool. I love it when he loses his mind and goes all crazy. It's good TV.

- Took Betty to the mall a bit early this week to get her Santa shot ($25 for a bad pop-up flash snap of the kiddo.....really?). She told Mall Santa she wanted a puppy and the new baby wanted diapers.

- Speaking of holiday shopping, I'm trying to get it all done before I get too huge to want to move. And I'm getting there, believe me!
I did get my grandparent's high school yearbook in the mail the other day, which thrills me to no end because I searched for it for a number of years. I'm excited to give it to Gramps.
- I have one session left before maternity leave...and its tomorrow morning. I am taking a few more client consult meetings, but that's the extent of it. I'm pooped, and I cannot wait for this pregnancy to be over. Hopefully then I will be able to fit into my shoes and not have to keep hiking up my pregnancy jeans.

- Just watched a special on PBS the other night about the White House official photographer. What a COOL. JOB. It was really interesting to watch him work. They said at one point the amount of pictures the guy takes in a month (I don't recall the exact number, but it was over 10,000). Made me feel better about the amount I typically bring home from a wedding shoot!
What was even MORE interesting is the "official White House photo editor" (yes, this job exists) is NOT allowed to delete any of the shots. This I find fascinating. What if it's just terrible? What if Obama is making a funky face or he blinked? It all goes in the archive!

- I did NOT attend any Black Friday sales in person. I shopped from the comfort of my couch with the dulcet tones of Spongebob Squarepants wafting through the background. The only way to do it, if you ask me. Once the hubby returns from the road we'll hit up Toys R Us and finish off shopping for the Peanut and then we're done!

- Things are grinding to a halt on the work-front. I'm finishing off the last of the editing and album orders...getting everything out in the mail. Tomorrow is my last sitting until January (the famously camera-shy Lauren! We're planning a sneak attack at the library)...I have 3 prospective client meetings and then it's nothing but relax and enjoy.

And here's your moment-o-Betty Turkey Day Style:

We woke up SUPER early on T-giving day...and I actually got to watch the parade which has never happened before. Betty was quite taken with the Rockette's. And the outfit? Well, that's what happens when Mama is just far too tired to care if her kid's pajamas match.
We finally got to spend Turkey Day with Jon. Every year he is away in Chicago for the holiday for work, and he's missed 5 Thanksgivings. We ate at Fulton's on the River in Chicago and it was really really good.
I'd like to title this picture "Fatty and the Cheeser". I think pregnancy has caught up with me. Holy puffy-ness!
Betty playing @ Fulton's. I picked up that stellar outfit the night before @ Target. Betty's take? "It's weird and it doesn't match". She didn't seem to mind once it was on.

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