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Thankful 2010 | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Thanks for the memory
Of sentimental verse, nothing in my purse
And chuckles when the preacher said "For better or for worse"
How lovely it was
- Bob Hope

Thanksgiving is upon us...and with it comes the kick-off of the holiday season. I'm thankful for that in and of means Second Shooter will be here soon and I can stop being so darned uncomfortable. Yes, I'm whining.

So, as a bit of a reflection this is what I'm thankful for in 2010....(of course, this list could be incredibly long, so I've condensed to the truly important).

A Healthy Pregnancy....and Here's Hoping a Quick and Painless Birth!
Hey, I can dream....right? Thus far this pregnancy has been pretty good. Not TOO terrible...although I'm not really a big fan of being pregnant in general. I feel very out of I'm lugging around a bowling ball under my shirt that I can't put down. Here I am at 35 weeks 6 days (otherwise known as this morning). 29 days to go! THANK GOODNESS!

The Rugrat
I really do have the coolest kid ever. I know, I'm mom...therefore I'm biased....but if she isn't the cutest thing on Earth to me......even when she's being straight-up evil. Three years old is a challenging age...but I'm thankful my kid is who she is....independent, adorable, and listens most of the time.... : )

The Memories
It's been 2 years....and it still stings. It really does...but a little less every day. I'm thankful I have so many fabulous many captured on film/digital image....and so many stories to tell my kids. She is the reason I am the woman I am today....and I learned so much from her. I'm so thankful I had her....and I'd rather go through the pain of losing her than to have never had her in my life at all.

The Fam
I really do have the best family. My husband is kid is awesome...I'm sure this next kid will probably be pretty awesome. I'm thankful every day that I have such a supportive group of people surrounding me. My inlaws....I am a lucky, lucky gal. I hope they know how much I appreciate them and everything they do.

Best Job Ever
I really do have the best job ever. I just wrapped my third season and I still marvel all the time at how lucky I am to do what I do for a living....full time. I had some really amazing clients this year and I connected with some people from the community who have really helped me appreciate our craft and grow in leaps and bounds. I'm really looking forward to 2011 and all the fun it's going to bring. (I am not, however, thankful for that coat. I know I've mentioned it before but what the heck was I thinking?)

Girly Crushes
I am thankful for Jim Adkins. Because every girl needs a famous person to get all school-girly and crushy about. And he's mine. : ) (Photo by Joel Meine)

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the red gecko said...

Aaaaw... Thank you for sharing (and making me sniffle a bit with the grams photo). I am also who I am in part because of my grandmother and lost her just over a year ago, and miss her quite a bit. But yes, I am VERY thankful that I had her in my life. And I have to agree that you have the best job ever, and the community that you've helped to grow this year loves you too!! Happy Turkey Day to you, Jon, second shooter, and the (tater?) tot. :)

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