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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

It's ain't got no job........

Ok, totally not true. November is shaping up to be JUST as busy as October was, surprisingly...with holiday and album orders up the wazoo and the last few sittings before our family of 3 becomes a family of 4 (scary!).

So, on with the Fractured Thoughts...and then its time to get some work done!

- Last night I had the supreme pleasure of networking with some Milwaukee Collages CLASS members. The Collages CLASS meetings are a chance for professional photographers to get together, talk shop, trade stories and ideas, etc. I've been attending the Madison area meetings since June and it's just a fabulous way to have your finger on the pulse of the photography community in Wisconsin.

- I bought Second Shooter her first vintage dress on Etsy this week....a little pink frock with a matching jacket. Can't wait to see it on her.

- My kid came down with her first illness since she was 1 year old this week. No joke, the kid is NEVER sick...ever...and its a good thing, because I told her this week that she was so crabby and out-of-sorts that I was going to sell her to Gypsies. I meant it too. She would be born in the wagon of a travelin' show if she kept it up. Man oh man. Good thing the cold is going away.....

- The hubster and I hit up Menards and got some holiday decor last weekend. It's a new experience for us living in a neighborhood where people actually go all out and decorate, not fearing that all of their decorations will be stolen overnight. I have a feeling competition in the 'hood is going to be fierce.

- Has anyone had a chance to check out the show Downsized on WE? I was actually kind of jazzed for this show, having a penchant for shows about budgeting and saving money (yes, I'm a dork...we've established that). But holy moly...these people are MORONS. Yes, I said it. They're MORONS. This chick waltzed up into a meeting with a financial advisor about their abysmal finances sportin' Chanel earrings. I wanted to throw something at the TV (or shoot it...because apparently in Wisconsin that is how we roll when something on TV doesn't thrill us).

Here's a thought, Downsized family. SELL THE CHANEL EARRINGS. It would be a start.

- I did my first "Trash the Dress" session (Encore session, Fearless Bride Session....etc. People have different names for these) on Sunday. It was COOOOLLLD, but it was a BLAST and I really really want to do more of these, so after January 22nd hit me up and let's plan to get some dresses dir-tay.

- Since 2008 I have been periodically looking online for my grandparent's high school yearbook. They both graduated in 1941 from Austin High School in Chicago, which doesn't really "exist" anymore (well, it does...but it's apparently a completely different type of school). I had no luck, at all, but the process...amassed a small collection of old yearbooks.

Well, this week I found 1 on Ebay that could be promising (its 1942, but they did 1/2 years back some 1941 students could be in it) and THEN I get an email this morning from a woman in Chicago who HAS the 1941 book. I am SOOOO excited! It's kismet, seriously. Right before the holidays. Now, crossing my fingers they are in the book.

- I bit the bullet a tiny bit and added a D700 and grip to my Adorama cart this week. Not lets see how long it takes for me to hit "buy".

- I got a MASSIVE amount of album deliveries this week and I have to give major props to Miller's once again for their fine service and turn-around. Love my lab.

- I started weekly doctor visits this week! EEEEEEKKKKKKKK.

- The other day I had an entire day of sitting on my bootay watching TV and eating. I haven't done that in a really really really long time and although it felt really naughty and not overly productive, I needed it.

- Ok, a little PSA before I get to your weekly moment o' Betty. This week I got a nice email from the photo manager of a store letting me know that someone had grabbed pictures off this here blog and was attempting to have them printed.

First off, I am SUPER impressed by this photo manager. Because the pictures had my watermark on them, she knew they were copyrighted and found my email address to alert me. This was very cool on her part.

Second, don't try this at home, folks. For one, it's stealing. This is why I give personal reprint rights to my clients who buy the DVD (or all wedding clients) because I do think it is important to have access to your pictures. You can also legally buy or download the pictures you'd like from Smugmug.

For two, the pictures on my blog are teeny weeny resolution. Very small. They are resized to fit here and they have my watermark on them. If you were to print these, they would not look good.

So, as a heads up, if you're wanting a copy of a picture from an event or sitting and you are not the subject of the picture, hit me up on email and I can let you know the best way to go about getting quality prints and products.

- This week? Things are not really slowing down too much. I have a family sitting tomorrow (a do-over from last week's rain-out), a Hospice event on Sunday to photograph (with carriage rides, how fun!), and a family sitting next week before I head to Chicago to celebrate Thanksgiving with my hubby for the first time in SIX YEARS. Yup, we're mixing it up a bit this holiday. Every Thanksgiving my husband is gone working the biggest trade show of the year for his company, and he misses all the fun. So, this year we're joining him. Can't wait!

And here is your moment o' Betty...I took her Christmas card pic this week, despite her stuffy, red nose. We decided to throw in my vintage Anne book and make it kind of a "theme-y". Enjoy!

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