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Friday Fractured Thought. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.'s SO fall right now. Crisp, cooler weather...I really do love it. I'm not a "blazing heat" type o' gal. It makes me want to break out the corderoy pants and sweater coats.

- My kid has decided she wants to be a giraffe for Halloween. Today she told me she wants to be a "mean giraffe". I convinced her "evil giraffe" would be a lot cooler, due to the Eddie Izzard reference. She gave me a wonky eyebrow look and said "whatever".

- This coming Tuesday is the Primary for the 45th District Assembly race, featuring my father-in-law Jim Reseburg as one of the candidates. Now, I'm going to avoid getting political at all, so I'm just going to say...go out and vote, folks!

- Last Saturday I actually had a super-rare day off (my last until November) so the hubby and I headed down to Rockford to buy baby furniture. We got a FULL refund on Betty's 3 year old crib because, apparently, it had three recalls on it. Nice to know!

We also hit up Toad Hall, which is just a hidden treasure for vinyl and book collectors! This place ROCKS. It's a little overwhelming at first, because it is literally ROOMS, stacked full of records, books, old magazines, movies.....but if you have patience and kind of know what you're looking for, you can find AMAZING things. I got two copies of Anne of Avonlea by LM Montgomery (one from 1916, I believe, the other from the 1940s), an old Kodak-Eastman Brownie "How to Take Good Pictures" manual, and Jon got a Death Cab album. Highly recommend this place. It's great.

- This Thursday I'll be joining some fellow photog friends in Chicago for the WPPI Road Show....a kind of scaled down version of WPPI that is held in February in Vegas. I'll be posting a review of my thoughts on the show probably the week if anyone CARES about my thoughts on the show, stay tuned for that!

- I've tried out for the first time this week for a few upcoming weddings. We'll see what I think. I think it's great that before dropping hundreds (or in this case thousands) on a lens, you can give it a test run.

- I will be ceasing all work probably by the 2nd week of December (depending on how I feel) until about the 2nd week of January for maternity leave, so if you have an album that has yet to be designed...or print orders you need fulfilled...from your wedding, please get in touch with me. Especially if you need it by Christmas!

- The Second Shooter is doing well....and we're still working on kicking around possible names. I was cornered at the grocery store the other day by this crazed woman who wanted to not only know how "far along I was" but my "due date" (how those are not pretty much identical questions is beyond me), how I was feeling, and what the name was. I was just waiting for her to start poking at my belly! Betty finally broke the tension with a nicely placed "STOP TALKING TO ME!" I know it was pretty rude of her, but I had to laugh!
The audacity of some folks to just be straight-up nosy Nellie's is astounding.

- Speaking of names for Second Shooter, we decided (as previously mentioned) that we were going to keep it a secret. We told Betty the baby's name was going to be Lafawnda. Just in case anyone decided to attempt to pry the information out of her.

- I'm pimping it out again: Don't forget to sign up for your spot for the Halloween Mini-Sessions taking place on Oct 31st @ Sweet Allyn Park! There are only 7 spots left !

Coming up this week: A wedding in Milwaukee tomorrow (where I've been promised a stop at a kickball I'm hoping to organize a little wedding-party kickball fun), family session in Madison on Sunday. Next week is WPPI, and another family session! Fall is in FULL swing!

And I leave you with a few "Views"......

The view from my kitchen window at 5:45 AM when Betty woke us up wanting a sippy. Made the early morning ALMOST worth it. And yes....I grabbed my camera BEFORE getting the sippy. PARENTING!
The view from my office as I sit editing one night. Betty and Jon playing Nick Jr. computer games and listening to Death Cab for Cutie on the turntable.

Jon's view of me shooting an engagement session in Point last week. I apologize in advance for the assault on the eyes that is my thrift store jacket.

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Patricia said...

Love the early morning shot. I have this over calming feeling with the scent in the air at early morning. Since it is raining now I will take it from your kitchen window.

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