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WPPI Road Show: Fractured Thought. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

For this week's Friday Fractured Thoughts I wanted to give a review of my day in Chicago at the WPPI Road Show. It was the first "convention" I've attended (and my small consolation prize for having to miss the real WPPI this year). I went with local photographers Stephanie Natale and Andrea Paradowski (very very very early in the morning!!).

The first presenter of the morning was definitely well placed, as his infectious energy kind of woke up a room full of drowsy show-goers.
Sal Cincotta from Salvatore Cincotta Photography out of St. Louis was DEFINITELY my favorite presenter of the day. I took a lot away from his discussion on marketing and structuring your business. He really got down and dirty, discussing pricing based on cost of goods, having a solid business plan...things I think it was REALLY important for people to hear, especially those who raised their hands after he asked who had been in business for less than a year.
Yes, it's good to talk about logos and the fun, fluffy stuff. But, without the solid really is a recipe for disaster.
He emphasized consistency in branding, which I know is something I really need to put some time and effort into after this wedding season. Really lit a fire under my behind.
He also went into detail about day-of slideshows, which I really had been avoiding looking into because of the time it could take to create the day-of. But, he made a VERY convincing argument for their use and presentation, and it just might be something I regularly integrate starting next season.

Sal Cincotta.

Now, I struggled with what to write here, honestly. But, I'm going to preface this review with a few points:
A. Bob and Dawn were NOT the original presenters. They were filling in and had a very limited time to prepare, so I need to give them the benefit of the doubt in that respect.
B. Following Sal Cincotta had to suck.

Bob and Dawn are a husband and wife team out of Illinois. They kicked off their presentation (which didn't really have a platform, per se...just random business insight)...with a video that they had created as a commercial for their business. Honestly? I thought it was cheesy. I have to be blunt. VERY well produced, very slick and stylish.....but it was peppered with soundbites akin to "if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life" and it just didn't come off as real or sincere.'s sales. It is what it is. Sales is rarely sincere.
I mean, Sal Cincotta showed a very short snippet of a wedding he had integrated some video coverage in and THAT was definitely more stirring and thought-provoking. Plus, a better advertisement for the actual root of his business.

I didn't take too many notes for Bob and Dawn, in all honesty. They talked a lot about their workflow, which was worlds away from a lot of the things I integrate, so it just didn't resonate with me (except for their use of Lexar Firewire 800 card readers, which I may look into). They also offer "unlimited coverage", which was kind of nice to hear because I feel like people are starting to get away from that in favor of hourly. I was starting to wonder if I was nuts for working a 12 hour wedding sometimes.

All in all, I have to give them credit for stepping in last minute. I do think they need to work a bit on their presentation style. Bob tended to interrupt Dawn quite a bit, who tended to kind of go off on unrelated tangents. It was hard to follow at times.

I was REALLY excited for this presentation, because off-camera lighting is definitely my weakest asset. I wanted to get a really good explanation of wireless TTL and these guys did not disappoint. I came away with a lightbulb FINALLY going off on how the two flashes speak to one another...even without radio poppers.

They were a bit strapped for time, but they got a TON of info across in short order. Plus, Cody is pretty easy on the eyes. That didn't hurt (right Stephanie!)

GREAT presentation, and worth the price of admission in and of itself.

Jasmine Star
Ok, now I'm going to admit to something I RARELY admit to...ok, never admit to. Ready? Here it comes.....

I....(cough!)...may have been a bit wrong.

Just a little.

I went into the Jasmine Star presentation a little cynical. Okay....a LOT cynical. I have been, as of late, really tired of the "Rockstar" mentality in our industry. They're just people. They're just photographers. A lot of them do what we do every weekend. I didn't get the idol worship.

Now, I know full well J.Star didn't ASK for this "Rockstar" title (in fact, I'm sure she probably dislikes it a bit). I had been pretty quick to lump her in with other folks who had very very little skill set and were charging an arm and a leg for workshops full of fluff and nonsense. Bad, bad cynical me.

Here is what I can say for Ms. Star: that girl can TALK. Holy Cannoli. She is probably one of the most charismatic public speakers I've been witness to in a really long time. Like Tony Robbins in stilettos.

I know she gives pretty much identical presentations at EVERY convention she attends, almost verbatim....but it was like she was saying it for the first time. Very passionate. Very convincing. I kept looking back at JD (her husband) in the back of the room and he would laugh at her jokes and smile while she was talking....that was nice to witness. Real, human connection between two people that I believe a lot of people put on a very high, unreal pedestal. She's no different than a lot of photographers: she took what she was REALLY good at and leveraged it to make a hugely successful business.

It was a breath of fresh air, honestly. I didn't come away with any real "life-changing" business insight, but I did come away feeling pretty good about my industry....and the state of the industry, which I think it worthwhile.

Jasmine DOES have quite a few "groupies" ("Joupies"?) which was a little...bizarre...but she seemed to take it in for pictures....warmly greet everyone. She has a lot more patience than I think I would! : ), not doing the funky chicken.
Andrea, Stephanie, and I....picture by Sal Cincotta! (poor guy had to use my Nikon! He pulled it out though!)

The end of our time at WPPI came with our venture to the parking lot to find some dingbat had parked his circa 1997 Lexus SIDEWAYS, pretty much blocking any access to the drivers seat of Andrea's car.

Folks.....I don't care if it's a Lexus. No one CARES about your stupid car. Learn how to park!

HOLLA! (ok, that's about enough of that........)

4 Peanut Gallery.:

Stephanie Natale said...

Fabulous review. Fabulous time. Many laughs. Amen.

Erin Hamburg said...

Love your review! I have followed Jasmine Star for awhile on her blog- I love stalking photog blogs and websites in my amateur love of photography. Though I'm far from a groupie, haha, I'm glad she seemed genuine in person-that's refreshing. What a fun sounding day!

Anonymous said...

I'm unlimited hours too, nice to see that you do that as well. I hate being rushed to cover and it is a great way to assure that the client never complains about missed shots...if it didn't happen while I was there, it didn't happen! :)

Taking the plunge on a same day slideshow this weekend, I think! Will let you know how it goes!

Jasmine said...

Thanks for coming out and staying until the end of the WPPI presentation...I hope we get the chance to meet in person and I wish you only the best until then! :)

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