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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Another week down and another day closer to the Dexter premiere. Oh yes, priorities! I've been waiting a YEAR for this week!

In other "news":

- I'm sure if you follow me on Facebook (if not...what'supwiththat?) you've grown weary of me complaining about the neighborhood kid's and the local high school's homecoming antics. Now, I'm going to preface this by saying I am not some crabby old lady who doesn't remember what it's like to be 16. REALLY...I'm not. But holy buckets...these kids have it ALL WRONG.

First off, when we were in high school, the whole point of night-time mischief during Homecoming week was to NOT get caught. That was paramount! You wore parked a block away from your intended quickly TP'd their house...and you stole away into the night undetected like Chuck Norris.

That is not the case these days. Now, apparently, the point is to be as LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS as humanly possible...throw in some profanity and hurled eggs and you have Homecoming 2010.

Last night we were the crabby neighbors. It was late, our kid was trying to sleep, and the neighborhood was being taken over by these KIDS and their baking goods (not to mention their crappy cars with equally crappy stereo systems). So, cops were called. Kids actually got ARRESTED (the cops said it's ridiculous this year, pure vandalism..not just fun and games).

I will be glad when Homecoming is over.

- On a happier, less "rant-y" note, as I mentioned, this week is the Dexter premiere! I am so giddy-excited about this I can barely stand it. The season finale last year just messed. me. up. For at least a week. Cannot wait to see how they resolve everything!

- Also, Jimmy Eat World's new album "drops" this week, and tonight they will be on David Letterman. Jim Adkins is my super-not-so-secret girlie crush, so this is good news. And if you're not a fan of the band, or only remember them for "The Middle", I highly recommend picking up their album Clarity. It will blow your mind.

- Next week I will be attending a workshop in Madison with Portland photographer Brandon Perron . Since getting back from WPPI's Road Show I've been pretty motivated to take Type A Images to the next level, and I'm hoping this two day workshop will be even more motivating. And FYI to my photographer pals, there are STILL open seats for this workshop, folks. It's affordable for a 2 day event and I highly recommend attending if you can!

Mandie Haberman from Red Gecko, who is hosting Brandon Perron in Madison, will be at the Great Dane on Monday night to welcome him to town. Stop on by! I'll be there nursing a kiddie cocktail. : )

- Speaking of changes and motivation, I finally got a hold of a friend of mine who is a graphic designer to start on the new Type A Images website. It's been something I've been kicking around for awhile and had been afraid to pull the trigger on it, but when you go to my current site I don't believe it really SAYS anything about who Type A is and what I want clients to know. Hopefully the site will be ready to go live shortly after the New Year.

- How funny was yesterday's Facebook outage? And how sad are we as a community of folks who cannot seem to function normally without CONSTANT online connection? (Oh I am guilty, believe me!) Nuts. Twitter blew up like mad when FB went down. I have to wonder how office productivity went up!

- I just signed up to do my first bridal show this February. It will be the Wedding Show and Tell in Milwaukee (at the Audubon Center). I'm pretty excited about it, since it's another thing I've always put off doing.

- I feel like a broken record here, but there are STILL openings for the Halloween/Fall Mini-Sessions I'm holding on October 31. SEVEN in fact. This is a great way to get affordable shots for your Christmas cards, so hop to it, people!

And speaking of work...I'm gearing up for a wedding in Milwaukee tomorrow with the always fabulous Maggie . Reception is at the Harley Museum and I'm super jazzed about shooting there. Sunday I have an engagement session (and here's hoping no rain) and then I intend to glue myself to the TV in anticipation for Dexter!

Next week is all learning from failure and Brandon Perron fun....and then TWO weddings. I also have to give a great big fun shout out to Andrea Paradowski as she prepares for her wedding next week! Good luck!!

And here is some Betty fun....

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Andrea said...

Awesome blog post, as usual! Thanks for the wedding shout-out! Hope to see you there sipping a kiddie cocktail and utilizing the photobooth! Be on the other side of the lens :) Look forward to getting back to normal and attending CLASS again next month!

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