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Friday Fractured Thought (Thursday Version).| Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

Tomorrow I will be heading up to Stevens Point, WI for an engagement session, so I thought I'd post the Fractured Thoughts today. Lord knows I will be pooped by tomorrow night.

- First things first, my wild week last week. TWO SPEEDING two days. Yep, that's right. Last Thursday AND Friday. Busted. Totally. Not. Cool. 8 points and now I have to go take a "traffic safety" course.


I have always been a bit of a speed-demon. I tend to drive the speed that just feels comfortable to me, which in town is most often 40MPH. Fine and dandy in most areas of Milwaukee. Not so fine and dandy in Beloit, where the entire city operates under 25 MPH zones. Which is insanity. How do they expect anyone to get anywhere?! I felt like I was idling down the street. Old ladies taking their morning walks were passing me up.

- Tuesday night I got to go see the open forum for the 45th District Assembly Race in Beloit. My father-in-law Jim Reseburg is running. Very cool to have someone you know taking part in politics and trying to enact change! Be sure to vote in the September 14 primaries, Beloiters!

- SPEAKING of Beloiters...I know there are folks out there with new, shiny rings on their fingers. Wedding dates for 2011 are being snatched up like mad....and I would love to add some hometown love on my calendar. Spread the word, and if you know someone getting married tell them to give me a jingle.

- Did anyone watch Jasmine Star's CreativeLive "Live Wedding Shoot" this past weekend? I had to work so I only caught bits and pieces of it. I'm not a big fan of the Rockstar movement in photography. I think it encourages style over substance. But it was certainly an interesting experiment for the industry (for those who haven't got a CLUE what I'm talking about, in a nutshell...very popular photographer Jasmine Star was filmed shooting a wedding live, including post-process culling and pre-wedding prep).

- There was some slight confusion over my last wedding-related blog post regarding "copying". I have no problem with people putting blog pictures on their Facebooks. As long as they do not crop out my logo, its good to go. The blog post mostly concerned screen shots from SmugMug and logo cropping without a release form. Hope that helps!

- Speaking of blog posts, I have a nice little sticky note list (yes...I'm back to Sticky Notes, ShootQ just wasn't for me) going of potential blog topics....and I want to add more, so send me your ideas!

7. Watch the WPPI page this week for their newsletter feature on the Kindred Spirits program. I'm fiercely proud of this program and I am super-jazzed WPPI has chosen to shed some light on it!

Coming up this week? Tomorrow's afore-mentioned SP engagement session, a RARE Saturday off (we're going baby furniture shopping!), a Sunday wedding at the Monona Terrace and then...edit and rest! always....your weekly Betty fix. I got this dress from Etsy (knee socks too) and we snuck out for a quick 10 minute shoot in between rain showers yesterday. She was relatively game for it. How friggin' cute are the knee socks??! (Not to mention her new haircut!)

Processed with EyeCandy Actions. LOVE.
This picture completely cracks me up, mostly because I didn't realize I had caught that expression with the droopy weed until I loaded the pictures. Too. Funny. I asked Betty "Why do you look so sad in the picture?" Her response "My flower broke"
Anyone who knows me knows I love Sally Mann....obsession is more like it, I think she's probably one of the best photographers of the last 100 years. I always try to keep her "style" in mind when I do black and white images. I know I can never come close to her wet-plate images (with their delicious grain and grit) but I love DARK DARK DARKS juxtaposed with the whitest of whites.

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