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You Wanna Take This Inside? | Milwaukee Family Photographer.

So, summer is over. It may still be warm outside....but I'm looking out my office window right now at a massive rainstorm that is sending my DirectTV into a non-working frenzy and making my window panes rattle. Not exactly "frolicking in the meadow taking pictures" type weather.

Last week a photographer pal of mine and I were discussing studios and the pros and cons of having dedicated studio space to offer indoor shoots to clients. I expressed concern that in our state, which has two season: construction and winter , people seem to be reluctant to schedule family and child portrait sittings in winter months if there is no studio available. She suggested I blog about the wonders and pros of using your own home for your portrait sitting.

Now, don't get me wrong...studios have a LOT to offer. Controlled lighting, for one thing. You often have a bevy of backdrops, props, and situations to bring to the shoot. But, there are many positives to allowing a photographer to come into your home.

Now, wait a minute Ms. Type may be house is a cracker box and I we have a dog, a cat, a monkey....our couch is ugly...the drapes need to be replaced. You can probably think of a million reasons NOT to have a professional photographer shoot in your home. I've heard most of them. And I intend to address them in hopes that when the weather takes a turn for the'll still consider having an on-location photographer visit you and your family.

Excuse #1: My house is tiny and/or FUG.
Ok, I can relate. Really, I can. Our old house in Milwaukee was dinkie. Super-dinkie. And not all that fancy. The neighborhood wasn't stellar. Curb appeal? Meh. It was brown. Very brown. And did I mention small? Oh yeah. It was small. Plus, I decorate about as well as I dress....and I have several people that can attest to my lack of fashion sense.

But I took a TON (read: thousands) of pictures of Betty in that space....because it's really all I had to work it was all about making it work.
I've shot in big, beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens homes....and I've shot in hospital rooms. Not only can you make nearly any space work, but people often really overlook the beauty in their "ordinary".

Beauty in the ordinary. (Shot in the super-tiny bedroom of my old house)

Excuse #2: My Kids are Crazy and Won't Behave Indoors.
Ok, I can relate as well. Cramped up indoors all become insane little monsters. But, believe me, they are much LESS insane if they are comfortable with their surroundings and you have their favorite items around to bribe them with.

Excuse #3: We Want Something "Different".
Studios are fabulous, because you truly get the "photographer" experience. The lights! The props! You are a SUPER MODEL. But, there is something to be said for using the items in your home to truly bring a personal touch to your images. Your couch. Your chair. Your grandmother's heirloom painting. Your weird collection of troll dolls. Something that says "US".

I walked into this client's home and was instantly taken by their couch. The clean lines, the retro vibe. LOVED it.

Excuse #4: We Want Something Very Simple.
I am a HUGE fan of the plain color background. HUGE. I love just a great smile (or great big eyes) backed by black...or blue...or white. Stark and to the point lovely.
This is not something that is out of the question in the home. I do it all of the time. Often, all you need it some fabric (which I typically bring with me) or a great colored wall.
Black velvet on a Boppy on the floor. Viola! Portrait backdrop.

Excuse # 5: My house is a Mess.
Not sure I can really help with this one too much, because...well...that's your deal! But unless you're a candidate for the show Hoarders, I guarantee you I can work around it (or work with it and create a really cool concept shot).

The Pros:
There are definitely pros to allowing me to come to you. Here's a quick run down:

1. You can schedule your shoot year round. And I promise to take my shoes off in your house.

2. Kids can be comfy and you don't have to hustle them out of the door.

3. No use dragging a million outfits and personal props to the studio. Just keep them on hand...if you decide to throw another outfit on the pile, go for it. We're right there!

4. Brings a very unique, personal touch to your images.

Images taken in the client's home. Fun wall color = bonus!

So, fear not the onset of cold weather, Wisconsinites. I'm still shooting....and having a sitting in your home can be a great, personal way of getting those holiday shots.

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