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Best of 2010 Contest!! | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

So, when one is on bed rest (and not supposed to be using the computer...shhhhh) one has time to do more "administrative" type tasks. Such as sifting through 32 weddings worth of images to pick out my favorites. Then, taking those images and narrowing them down to 20. This is what I did last week. Good times.

This is not easy folks. I love all of my weddings like little children, and I really wish the contest could just include every picture I took. But, I did get it down to 20...somehow....and here they are. My favorites of the past 12 months.

Each is a "favorite" of mine for a different reason. Either I love the story behind it....or I just really think it was a neat capture....but whatever the reason, these are the images that jumped into my head when I started compiling this list.

Now, this is a contest. At the end of this post you'll find a poll. Let me know which of the 20 images is your favorite. Voting runs through 1/1/2011. The winning couple will receive a 16x20 Gallery Wrap.

1. Take a larger than normal bridal party....add one of my favorite stateline destinations (Dari Ripple Ice Cream Stand) and mix in one simple direction: Act really bored. Lord knows WHY I told them to do that....I thought it was just kind of funny. Ended up being one of my favorite group shots of the year.
2. There are really few words to describe how much I love this picture. I think it just tells a story all on its own.
3. Weddings are days full of emotion...and can range from deliriously happy to bittersweet sadness. I think this picture just captures the roller coaster of emotion associated with the average wedding day.
4. The First Dance is one of those wedding moments that lends itself to great, intimate pictures. I just really like the simplicity of this picture. Because in that moment, all there is in the room is the couple. Nothing else.
5. The dog makes it, I think.
6. I was a few months pregnant when I took this picture....and as soon as I shot it I "chimped"and looked at the back of the screen and got teary. Because I was all full of hormones and it was a daughter and her dad and such a sweet moment. Then I blubbered like an idiot for the remainder of the Father/Daughter dance.
7. Some pictures are just a matter of happenstance. Like rainbows that appear out of nowhere and then vanish in a heartbeat. So glad we caught this one.
8. Another father/daughter moment....except it's dad's wedding this time.
9. Kids often create great photo moments without meaning to. Like this one who bellied up to the bar and shot me this quick look.
10. When you can get a bride on know it's going to be a great wedding day.....
11. Beautiful locations deserve a nod as well....because they, obviously, MAKE the image. It doesn't get more amazing than St.Josephat's in Milwaukee.
12. This was one of those shots that was just "luck" really. It was before the ceremony, and the bagpiper was taking a bit of a break. I think he knew I was taking his picture, but like a true professional he stayed looking straight ahead. That, or he was ignoring me hoping I'd go away. Either the shot.
13. Another first dance image. I just really like it. Again, it's just the two of them, enveloped in one another, soaking in the day.
14. This particular bride had the most amazingly beautiful dress. It curled around her like some sort of sugary confection and it was completely photogenic from every angle.
15. The story here? Mom....sweet, crying mom. Poor thing, I just wanted to hug her. But, I photographed her instead.
16. I said this in this particular wedding's blog, but this shot just reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. This bride, Sarah, was just a natural beauty and her heirloom dress was simply beautiful. One of my favorite bridal shots of the year.
17. Moms...they make such great images sometimes. You can just feel the "happy" here.
18. Dads make great images too.
19. The thing I love about this picture is you can't really tell where it was taken. I'll reveal the secret: church basement....mustard brown/yellow-y walls....and a clump of plastic "decorative" flowers in one corner. Bust out the 85 1.4, add an effervescent bride, and VIOLA! Love!
20. This is one of those pictures I love because of the subject and the story. This particular wedding had just a fun, funny bridal party that was FULL of ideas and suggestions. When I took this I had one of the groomsmen holding a flash for me, and another was "directing" the shoot trying to get a reaction out of the groom. His direction? "Someone just gave you a puppy!!!"
Snap! This is what that looks like. Puppies and Happiness!

Voting will run until 12:00 AM on 1/1/2011. Happy voting!

What is your favorite image of 2010?
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Mandie said...

Oh Amanda, so many great ones to choose from!! I just can't tell you how much I LOVE your work from this year.

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