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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

You'll have to excuse any typo's or lazy grammar in this post. I. AM. POOPED. I'm working on about 2 hours of sleep right now (insert world's tiniest violin playing the saddest saddest song right here). The baby? She has the acid reflux....and it makes her none-too-happy.

We're getting massive payback for gloating about how wonderful Betty was in the sleep department. Ok....point taken, Karma Bus. You can stop now.

- First off, Christmas! This year was rather subdued. We went to my inlaw's church on Christmas Eve. I had never been to a non-Catholic Christmas service before, so I was a bit out of my element. This church gives the kiddos toys to play with during the service and this caused Betty to be rather....loud and obnoxious during the service (at one point she yelled out "THESE TOYS ARE MUPPETS!!" mid-service). Add onto that the LONGEST. SERMON. EVER. (and that's saying a lot coming from a Catholic). By 8:30 I was ready to hit the hay.

Christmas morning was a study in consumerism run amok. I didn't really realize how MUCH we bought for our kid (I mean...Santa bought...). Our living room has been strewn with cars, trucks, Barbies and dinosaurs ever since.

- As I mentioned above, Kid 2 has come down with a case of acid reflux...which leads to bloody-murder screaming and spit-ups galore. Not. fun. It's a good thing she's cute.

- I got myself a new phone for Christmas! This is BIG BIG news folks. I am not a phone person. I don't really text (though I'm learning) and prior to last week I was rockin' a pay-as-you-go flip phone that served my purposes....well, not so well...but it made phone calls. Now I got myself a fancy-shmancy HTC Evo 4. And once I learn to use it I'm sure it will make my life easier. So, take note 2011 can now text me and I may actually text back instead of calling you back to let you know that I don't really know how to text!

- I am officially in "must lose this baby weight" thought-mode. I didn't gain nearly as much with Molly as I did with Betty, but I feel all out of sorts being quite a bit larger than I normally am. So, I went and got myself Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD...and the hubster set me up in the basement with a TV and a workout mat. It's ON.

- I've been dragging my feet with doing my taxes for the end of the year this week. I don't use any kind of bookkeeping software, I do it all on my own with my handy-dandy color-coded spreadsheets. It's daunting come December though. And I'm still amazed at how many work-miles I put on the poor Saturn this year. Methinks a new car is in my future come wedding season 2011.

- I've purchased all the stuff for my home studio this week. I intend on holing away for the remainder of the winter and mastering some lighting if it kills me. Hopefully by spring I can start having some non-Betty models in to test it all out.

- Following along with my resolution to educate myself, I signed up for Dave Jackson's portrait workshop for this March. Totally jazzed about that, and hopefully I can fit in another workshop with someone this summer (I'm eyeing the Zack Arias Chicago shop in June)

- This February 13th I'm going to be doing my 1st bridal show in Milwaukee (the Wedding Show and Tell)...and I have 2 tickets for the show if anyone is interested.

- In Type A booking news, I have about 8 2011 openings remaining before I close it out for the year. I did 32 weddings last year and I'm wanting to maybe scale that back a bit for this year as I adjust to the whole "two who screams all the time" thing. I say maybe because I said that last year too and had a bit of a hard time saying "no".

And I usually think people are kind of full of it when they post non-stop, everyday about how many inquiries are coming in....but it's that time of year, folks. People are getting engaged like mad and, well, those inquiries ARE going to start pouring time is of the essence if you're getting hitched in 2011.

And with that, I leave with your moment of Betty & Molly....

Finding out how dinosaurs say goodnight.....a rare moment where Molly isn't screaming like Ronnie James Dio.
Don't we look as tired and worn out as your would expect us to? Christmas morning scrubbiness!
Yes...I'm hip now.

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