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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Happy Christmas Eve!!

I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year. It's our first in our new home, first for Molly, and first year that Betty really "gets" the whole Santa thing...which makes it lots of fun. We're going to have a great holiday! We figured out how to use our fireplace and with the stockings hung and fake holly adorning every square inch of our living room, we're ready for the festivities! One of the best things about Christmas is it gives you permission to be straight-up tacky without shame.

- Molly is settling in nicely...but is a bit "fussier" than Betty was...or at least from what I remember. We seem to be experiencing a bit of parental amnesia. It's funny how easily you forget the effects of sleeplessness. Having two is a whole new level of tired.

- I'm finally off of bed rest, after about 2 weeks of spiking blood pressure and lots of napping. I am NOT good at doing nothing all day. After all the trouble I had this go-around, I've decided that 2 kids is enough....

- Decided this week to pull a "What Not to Wear" style clothing dump on my closet. Got rid of a LOT. Then I realized I now have no pants left that actually fit me. Probably not the best idea to clean out my closet only 2 weeks post-partum.

- I broke my maternity leave this week for one infant sitting, and realized how different my leave is this time around. With Betty, I couldn't even THINK about returning to work before my 12 given weeks. I dreaded it and when the day did come I was a mess. So much different now that I actually love my job. I felt lost without photographing something besides my kids. I can't believe I still have another month before my next wedding....

- Haven't gotten my own copy yet, but the new Wedding Planner & Guide has been released! Check out the Madison copy for Type A Images' new print ad!

- Got an email this week that Type A Images has been named one of The Knot's "Best Of" Weddings for 2011. How this came about? I have no idea. I don't advertise with The Knot, so it kind of surprised me I was even on the radar...but pretty cool!

- One of the cool things about being forced to get up in the middle of the night with my new kid....Tivo'd geekery. I've been "taping" all sorts of fun, geeky shows to watch as I'm up late at night. It's currently 5:16 AM and I'm indulging in a History channel show about John Wilkes Booth. Good times.

- The 2010 Best Of contest is still running until the first of the year. See below and make sure to vote for your favorite shot!!

- Twilight: Eclipse Riff Trax? Oh. My. Goodness. HILARITY. Seriously, I know I mention Riff Trax quite a bit, but if you haven't heard of or seen Riff Trax, DO IT. It's the only way to watch Twilight....or any other horrible movie.

- Speaking of horrible movies, Betty and I attempted to watch Santa Paws the other day. I made it about 5 minutes in and just couldn't do it. It was too stupid even for a 3 year old. I hate to say it, but I prefer Santa Buddies. If I have to choose. Of a perfect world, neither would exist.

- My thoughts this week have turned to New Years Resolutions....working on an actual list (because I'm Type A like that and actually write my resolutions down).

- On kind of a bummer note, I found out recently that my elementary/middle school is closing at the end of this school year. I went there for 10 years (it was a private Catholic school, pre-K through 8th grade). I also have aunts and uncles that went there. My dad went there as well. They just didn't have enough kids (there were only 9 kids in my 8th grade class, and that was years I can imagine how bad it got). Sad to see that end....

- On the booking/work front, I've got 16 weddings booked thus far for 2011....which is 6 more than I had booked at this time last year, so it looks like I'm booking faster and earlier than 2010. I do have some prime summer dates still open so give me a ring if you're still looking for a photographer for your upcoming nuptials. I will be stopping at 25 this year just to give myself some room know...breathe and sleep and stuff.

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday and wonderful New Year. The last two New Years I was shooting weddings, so I may actually make it a date night with the hubby this year. After the stressful last month we kind of deserve it!

Betty and I did an quick "sitting" in our kitchen the other day, and I love the results. My kid is so fun to photograph....completely effortless, I'm lucky she loves the camera. I hope Molly follows suit, but so far everytime I put the camera in her face she gives me "poop face"...which is all scrunchy and purple...not exactly photo-worthy. I did manage to get a FEW decent shots off however.

Have a VERY Merry Christmas!!!

No "poop-face" here.....and check out the awesome "do".

I take a lot of pictures of Betty. Like....a lot a lot. But this has to be, hands down, one of my favorites. Think I may actually get this one printed. Just goes to show that sometimes all you need is a big window, good light, and a blank kitchen wall.

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