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Friday Fractured Thought - Bed Rest Edition | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

To a busy mom, there are few things that sound more calming than "bed rest". I used to think so anyway. All bed...nothing but bad TV and snacks and sleep.

I was wrong.

It's not calming, really. It's boring. Really, really boring. I wasn't even supposed to touch the computer all week....I don't think the doctor quite understood what he was asking.

- So for those not aware of my current condition, I developed pre-eclampsia and was induced last week. We welcomed little Molly....and then the pre-eclampsia decided to hang around...and get worse. Instead of re-admitting me to the hospital I was put on strict bed rest. I had a visit with the doc today and was hoping things would have improved...but no dice. So more laying and thinking of how bored I am. *sigh*

- So, not much going on this week, obviously, unless you want the run-down on all the TV I've watched (What's Love Got to Do With It? was on TV this morning. WIN)

- The husband has been invaluable helping this week...and my in-laws have jumped in to help watch the girls (doesn't that sound cool? THE GIRLS! ) It's great to have family available for times like this.

- I had been planning a small get-together for the photographers in the area for this week, which obviously had to be cancelled...totally bummed me out. I had been really looking forward to getting everyone together. Hopefully I can reschedule.

- Molly is adjusting well and her sleep schedule has been as wonky as can be expected for a newborn. She sleeps ALL day. Like a cat. Very nocturnal.

- Still not quite done with my Christmas shopping, so hopefully I can get some online shopping done while laying here useless in bed.

- BTW, Beloit Hospital? Their food is pretty good. But they forgot my ice cream three times.

- I have a new show I just love: Raising Hope....HILARIOUS. It does, however, strike me as the type of show that probably won't last very long.

- I'll be keeping people posted on when I'm back to working order, I feel terrible as I have several couples that have been waiting patiently as I've had to reschedule our meetings. All I can say is thank you so much for you patience! All of this mess is certainly inconvenient.

And to leave you on an adorable note, here is Miss Molly....all fuzzy hair and cuteness. I'll be on and off the internets (I'm supposed to be keeping a calm, no stimuli-type enviroment...but really, no internet? Who are we kidding? As long as its quiet, I suppose).

1 Peanut Gallery.:

Tamara said...

Welcome Molly! What a BEAUTIFUL little one!

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