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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

So, I'm slowly but surely easing back into my regular, yet slightly modified, routine. Thank goodness....I am a creature of habit, and I hate unexpected wrenches in long-held plans. Like bed rest. Totally not in my schedule!

I'm so "off my game" this week that I had nearly forgotten it was Friday! How tragic would THAT have been? : )

So, without further delay......

- Let's first talk about Dexter. The finale? I was a bit...underwhelmed. After last year's gigantic cliffhanged (hello....dead Rita in a bathtub!)....this year's was a bit....yawn-fest. But, I am not abandoning my show. Still fabulous.

- On the same note, I was a bit surprised to hear Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter of Dexter are divorcing. Sad....but, hey....that makes TWO guys on my "5 Guys It's Okay to Crush On" list that left their women this week (the other being Zac Efron).

- I got off bed rest on Wednesday. I tell you, I never want to be on bed rest for anything ever again. I am SO not the "bed rest" type. It drove me nuts to just SIT. Couldn't stand it. I also watched more Law & Order: SVU than any person ever should.

- My kid learned to write her name!! How? I have no idea. She just busted it out this week. This is the best picture I have of the results. My Mother in Law took this picture with her point and shoot....and it's prompted me to offer her use of one of my spare DSLR's : ) She also made an attempt to write "Molly". I know, it's the Proud Mama in me, but pretty good for a 3 year old!
- It was quite the feat, but I compiled 20 of my favorite wedding images from 2010 for my "Best of 2010" contest. I will be posting the picks soon and open voting through the end of the year. The winners will win some awesome prizes!

- I got to give my Grandfather his early Christmas present this week: his 1941 High school yearbook. His response? "I don't think you know how much this means to me"'s what I love about this season. Finding that once-in-a-lifetime kind of gift. It was pretty neat. He went through the book and told me stories about some of the folks. Amazing how sharp the memory can be when presented with a 70 year old reminder of your past.

- I've been working on compiling an Amazon Wish List of clothes for next season....again, part of my New Years resolution to dress a bit better. Why didn't anyone ever clue me in to before? LOVE that site! Very cute stuff!

Coming up this week: Final preparations for the holiday with a MUCH overdue hair appointment (my roots are abysmal....seriously. Trashtastic). A few bridal meetings that were postponed several times due to the arrival of Molly, and I'm actually squeezing in an infant shoot next week for a former bride (because I can't stand going so long without photographing something, apparently!)

Then, I'm getting my relaxed, stress-free Christmas on. Can't wait!

Miss Molly.....who I've taken to calling "Monkey" much as it may scar her for life, the kid does look like a little baby monkey with all that spiky hair. A cute monkey, of course. Not a weird, red-butt monkey or something.
Betty has been pretty cooped up lately, so we busted out the messiness and made Christmas cookies the other day. She enjoyed herself....obviously.
Molly meets her Great Great (yes, TWO greats) Aunt Rose this week.
Monkey. In a rare awake moment.

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