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Type A Images is a portrait and wedding photography company based in Wisconsin but available for any place your little heart desires! If you are interested in booking your event or session, hit me up on email!

Type A Images has been featured on The Rock and Roll Bride blog, The Offbeat Bride Blog, WeddingWire's Brides Choice for 2010 and 2011, and The Knot Best Of Weddings for 2011. Type A also offers a hospice photography program called Kindred Spirits through the Beloit Regional Hospice, which was featured as WPPI's Photolanthropy of the Month for September 2010.



Am I the only weird one out there who everytime she hears the word "Update" she hears it in terms of Robert Stack on Unsolved Mysteries saying it? Man...I loved him....

Anyway, I wanted to do some updating so people can be kept "in the know".

* Type A Images is booking well into November for family shoots for the holidays. In order to get all shoots completed and orders processed, I have to ask if you are interested in a family shoot that you schedule it as soon as possible. It's not really going to be possible to get orders done in time for Christmas after the 1st week of December.

* Also on the business front, I will be raising my prices (ever so slightly) after the 1st of the year. Never fear, if you've already booked with me for 2009 (and I have your signed contract) then the current prices will stand. But, if you want the current prices and have a 2009 event in mind, hurry and book or you'll be paying the new price come January 1st.

* Anyone with a small business knows that word-of-mouth is REALLY integral to gaining new business. That's why I have a listing on CityVoter, which is a great way to get feedback from my past clients and for new clients to find me. So, if you're a past client of mine and you like what I did for you, I encourage you to check out my CityVoter link and leave a review.

* I just ordered and recieved my FIRST client gallery wrap and I have to say it is GORGEOUS. I have to highly recommend them for holiday gifts, they are beautiful. If you are a past client or if you have a shoot coming up, ask me about gallery wrap options.

* I have to, lastly, say thank you to everyone who sent me their condolences upon the death of my grandmother on October 8th. It was certainly a blow to our family and it's been a trying time the last few weeks. Your kind words of support are greatly appreciated!

* Tomorrow I'm heading to the Fon Du Lac area to shoot an event with the Governor of WI! Pretty exciting. I'll be sure to post sneak peeks when I get back.

4 Peanut Gallery.:

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of your work. I know I am not the only one, so can you explain to us step by step how you did picture 6 on your website? It is washed in purple. Also, how you get the smooth look. I am not a photographer, but love to play around in photoshop.


Amanda said...

Hi Amy. The washed purple picture was simply a black and white picture (I favor a black and white from Totally Rad Actions called Bitchin' Black and White) with a low opacity purple brush that I liberally places where I wanted it. The "smmoth look" is from a Portraiture filter that is a plug in I purchased for photoshop.

Anonymous said...

I am so ever retarded. Can you tell me step by step. I just can't get that look off my mind. Others have tried it and we are stuck. YOur fan, Amy

Amanda said...

I will try.
-Open the image in Photoshop. Convert the image to black and white.
- Create a new layer.
-Select the brush tool and at the top move the "Opacity" scroll button to about 20-30%
- Select the color you wish to use and paint with the brush over the areas you want to have that color.
- Flatten your image.

Honestly, if you want to learn Photoshop I have found the best way is to just spend a lot of time playing around with it, learning by doing. Don't be afraid of messing anything up, just see what the different buttons do. Good luck!

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