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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

I nearly thought twice about even doing a Fractured Thought today. For one, I'm swamped...yes, SWAMPED. I'm going to be chained to my desk any free moment I have editing, album building, and Facebooking (yes, this is important!)my boo-tay off so I can finish everything before maternity leave. But, I'm never too busy to squeeze in a little randomness.

On top of that, today marks 2 years since my Grams passed. If you're a regular reader of the blog, you know that Grams and I were incredibly close. She wasn't just "grandma", she was a best friend, and a person that I shared a very special bond with for many years. Losing her was a huge turning point in my life, a mother. The last day I spent with her is probably one of the most significant moments I've ever experienced. I miss her every day....and the world is just a little less bright without her presence. I posted separately about her below.

But, Friday felt off without my random here goes:

- Pregnancy has rendered me a bit unable to lug around my big-arse camera bag to I just broke down and got myself an uber-geeky rolling Pelican case. I'm going to look all legit now ; )

- Yesterday I got to meet and photograph my good friends' new baby, Nevin. I had forgotten how teensy weensy newborns are. I had also kind of blocked out the fact that, much like cats, they sleep a large majority of the day. This will be a nice transition from Betty's refusal to nap.

- Tuesday night we hit up the Jimmy Eat World concert in Milwaukee (in case you're not privvy to my Facebook fawning over Jim Adkins, lead singer and teeny-bopper object of my affection). It was GREAT. I've seen them a few times and each time is excellent...they really are a phenomenal band. If you haven't had a chance to listen to them (and you like that sort of thing) I highly recommend it.

The hubby and I did wait for a bit outside of the venue to see if we could meet the band (they're pretty cool about just hanging out, meeting fans) but they didn't come out. Oh time. I plan on getting my picture taken with Jim sooner or later, it's part of my "bucket list" : )

- Will someone PLEASE kick Gretchen off of Project Runway already? What a whiny little brat.
And Ivy? Get over it. You sucked and got booted. Such is life.

- **COUGH** Mini-Sessions people. STILL 7 spots open. Book now because I'm probably not going to open up too many full time sessions after November 1st. Okay, end of lecture.

- I need to get me an Ipass. I drove down through Illinois yesterday and the sheer amount of toll booths is just ridiculous. On top of that, the roads were least show me the value of my donation, Illinois!

- We finally settled on a "yes, this is it" name for Second Shooter. And no, I'm not telling. We've decided to further torture my mother-in-law by not revealing the name until she shows up. : )

- Proved my immunity to massive amounts of sugar on Tuesday. Had my glucose test. Went into the doctor having just consumed a can of Mountain Dew (I know...I know....) and 4 pieces of toast doused in honey. My blood sugar was 86. Boo. Yah. I did get a lecture from the nurse about Mountain Dew consumption during pregnancy though. Not sure if I'm ready to quite give that one up yet. Betty was pretty much formed from Fruity Pebbles and Mountain Dew. She turned out fine....

Except for, you know, that whole tail thing....but that's what plastic surgery is for.

- This weekend is actually pretty calm. I have an engagement sitting tonight in Milwaukee (hitting up the roof of the Astor Hotel), a family sitting tomorrow morning and then car shopping! I love car shopping....even if it is for my husband and not for me...I will be glad to see us get rid of his god-awful crap-bucket of a Suzuki. Then, Sunday is a wedding in Milwaukee where I hope to put good use to my new Scott Robert radio poppers.

Now, we weren't actually supposed to be snapping pics at the show (I know..bad bad me)...but I'm a bit of a follower and everyone else was doing it! This pic is completely terrible....all I had to work with was a P&S and not-so-great light...but I think his uber-hotness still resonates.

And just a few of The always:

My child has an abnormally large melon. We've known this for awhile. I like to accentuate this with wide angles and close up, freaky pictures. Good times.

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