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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Another week down and I cannot BELIEVE it is starting to feel like late fall.....just. not. ready!

- Holy WIND STORM. Our house escaped unscathed. However, I did end up with recycling products all over my yard because of the inept garbage folks in Beloit Township. Recycling bin that they failed to pick up vs. wind storm of the century = BAD IDEA JEANS.

- The hubby and I decided to watch the show Modern Family from the pilot episode all the way to the current season. What a hilarious show! LOVE did I miss this one? Gives me something to watch on Wednesdays too.

- I have two spots open for the mini-sessions this Sunday. Yes, I realize there is a Packer game on and asking folks in my neck of the woods to miss part of the game in favor of having their pictures taken is pretty much akin to being sacreligious, I'm hoping there's at least two families out there who care about football about as much as I do and will snatch up the last two spots.

- Woke up this morning and realized my daughter had drawn people all over our entertainment center with crayon. Thanks Betty.

- I've decided to bite the proverbial bullet and place an ad in the Wedding Planner and Guide (Madison edition). Keep a look out for it soon. : )

- So glad 16 and Pregnant is back on for another season. I love trainwrecks on TV. It's good watchin'.

- Speaking of TV....Really, Project Runway? REALLY? All I'm going to say is....yuck.

- We're finally kind of, sort of getting Second Shooter's room ready. I've also been going back and forth a bit on the name we've chosen for her. For one, I know several people with a dog named the same thing. Kind of makes me think "Is this a dog's name"? But, after going back over our lists again and again, it's still the name the hubby and I come back to. So, there's your hint, Internet. It can double as a dog's name.

And no. It's not Fluffy.

- Don't forget, Clients...I'm still running a 25% off Smugmug now is the time to get those holiday print and product orders in. Again, if your sitting or event happened prior to June 2010 and you'd like to take advantage of this sale, hit me up on email and I'll load your pictures for you.

- I have two weddings left for the season. I cannot believe how fast this season went....where did my summer go? Seriously. Tomorrow is Last Wedding #1 in Milwaukee and then my final wedding (making 32 for the season...eek!) is in Chicago. Hubby will be coming with me so I don't have to waddle AND carry bags....

- Bookings for 2011 are coming in....I have 11 booked already for next year and inquiries typically start to pick up right after Christmas (all those shiny new rocks). So, contact me ASAP if you have a 2011 date you're interested in....

- I am super excited for Halloween...I finally get to take Betty will be her first time, so I'm going to be sure to snap a lot of pictures! The kid is not too big on candy, so bonus for pregnant mom!

- This weekend, in addition to the 2nd-to-last-wedding, I also have 2 family sittings and the Mini-Sessions. Hoping to get some rest next week, as sleep has been escaping me a bit lately.

Here's your small moment-'o-Betty.....playing with off-camera flash and the chunk of trees by our house.

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