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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

- Allow me to start this week's Fractured Thought off with a bit of a pregnancy whine. I think I am housing a budding gymnast....that, or she's running out of room and fast. This kid doesn't stop kicking. Ever. All day long it's "bop bop bop....WHAM!" with her pointy little feet. Wonderful...miraculous....yadda's kind of just uncomfortable at this point. Yeah, I've got 9 weeks to go....I'm so ready for December 23rd to get here! And if she decides to make an early entrance (not TOO early...mind you) I'll be all for it.

- Project Runway....again, I won't spoil it. I know how annoying that is. But, I think the judges are pretty much on crack this season. That or they have been struck blind.

- My hubby brought home an Ipad from work (he has to learn the in's and out's so he can support them....yay for us!). I can see how it MAY be kind of a novelty item at bridal meetings or something....but thus far the only real use it's getting in the Reseburg household is from Betty and her enjoyment over a bug-squashing game. Kind of an expensive play-thing.

- Speaking of technology, I'm about THIIIISSSS close to getting a "real" cellphone. I've been on the "pay as you go" lame-o phone track for quite a few years.....fervently resisting things such as texting or Ap's or anything of that nature. I hate cellphones...I am a complete technophobe when it comes to cellphones. As long as mine can call people I'm a happy camper...but start me on a texting route and I'm pretty much all thumbs. It takes me a good 20 minutes to send a quick text.
But, I'm realizing I need to just bite the stinkin' bullet and get a real phone. One with a Qwerty keyboard so I can text without fear of ridicule over my need to properly write out most words and explain everything in long, drawn out sentences.

- How cool was it that they got Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie fame) and my favorite girl Zooey Deschanel to sing at the Giant's game the other night? Ben did a really stripped down, beautiful rendition of the National Anthem and Zooey's version of God Bless America was quite beautiful. I love her voice.

- My husband informed me that I scheduled my Holiday mini-sessions smack dab during a Packers/Jets game. Shows how much I know about football schedules. Go me! Well, if you decide to come on out for a quick 20 minute session on Oct. 31st, I promise to make it a good one : )

- Kind of sad Teen Mom is over. How cute are Catelynn and Tyler? I just want to take them home and give them stability. Seriously.

- I have to give a huge, big, awesome shout out this week to my lab Miller's Professional Imaging. Holy COW are they on the ball. I ordered a gigantor flush mount album for a client on late Tuesday night. It was on my doorstep, looking gorgeous, by Thursday morning. Miller's rocks.

- Speaking of Type A type-stuff, if you read below I'm currently running a 25% off SmugMug orders sale for clients, client pals, family, etc. This applies to prints, canvases, thin wraps, and downloads. Coupon code is : seasonend10. The sale is good through November 15th, so spread the word!

- Also, I have a few openings still for sittings in November. I will be working on portrait sittings up until my due date (Dec. 23rd) so get those holiday sittings booked : )
However, I am trying to get all album orders for the holidays in by the next 2 weeks, so if you can send me your orders/picture choices ASAP that would be great!

- The holidays are also a popular time for Kindred Spirits Hospice sittings. If you or someone you know is a patient of Hospice and would like a free of charge documentary hospice sitting, email me at and lets set something up.

- This week I took Betty to the pumpkin patch in Caledonia, IL. This place is adorable...and its free admission during the week! She loved it, and it gave us a chance to get out of the house while the weather was still decent!

Coming up this week: RELAXATION. A sitting scheduled for tomorrow (which hopefully still goes's supposed to rain...big BOO!)...bridal meetings...Madison CLASS get-together (YAY!) and another family sitting on Friday. WHEW!) I have two weddings remaining for the season...this season SPED by. 32 weddings later...I'm ready for a NAP!

Here's your weekly moment-o-Betty. Enjoy!

Trying out her Halloween costume. She's a "Nice Giraffe" (I say Evil Giraffe is still cooler)
Forgive the "orange-y-ness of this picture....our living room has a very warm hue and I was too lazy to white balance properly. Bad, bad me...I know. But any-whoo....this is Betty...shakin' her tail feather to Jimmy Eat World. That's my girl!
Hittin' up the corn at the pumpkin patch in Caledonia. After we had done the corn maze several times I realized you were supposed to buy tickets for it. Whoops.

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