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Just Not Havin' It | Beloit Family Photographer

Now, being in the profession I am...I'm pretty much used to kids wanting nothing to do with me. I am simply this lady with a big camera wanting them to "perform" to my satisfaction to get the best shots possible.

However, its usually a bit different when the kids "know" Madelyn and Avery. Now, granted, Avery is only she gets a pass. Her short-term memory probably isn't fully developed. So, she was having none of it today. Family member or not, her outlook on the day was "Forget you lady...I'm taking off....just TRY to get a shot off....MUHAHAHAHA!"

At least, that's what she probably would have said. You know...if she could talk and stuff.

Regardless of Avery's outlook on the situation, we managed to get some great shots for Matt, Beth, and the girls. Enjoy!

Don't let the smile fool you. Avery was plotting my demise.

You don't want to know.

Mini Sessions 2010 | Beloit Family Photographer

Today I held some Holiday/Halloween Mini-Sessions @ Sweet Allyn Park in Shopiere, WI. I think if I decide to do these again next year I may put some more thought into time chosen (as in...not during a football game!) and date (it was a TAD chilly!)...but I had some real troopers come out for some mini-fun!

Enjoy the sneak peek, great to see everyone!

Location: Sweet Allyn Park Shopiere, WI

All 4 Love | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

I'm so glad you're my girl
I'll do anything 4 U
Call U evry night
And give U flowers 2
I thank the Lord 4 U
And think about U all the time
I ask him everyday
That you'll 4-ever B mine
- Color Me Badd

I had to use this Color Me Badd song, simply because the DJ's from Sound By Design played it at Katie and Tim's wedding last night. I hadn't heard it for probably a good 15 years...and now it's stuck in my head.+

Yesterday was a study in pop-culture references for Katie and Tim's Milwaukee wedding. The day kicked off with a beautiful full-Mass ceremony at the Church of the Gesu , which is one of my favorite Catholic churches in Milwaukee. Its just gorgeous.

We followed up the ceremony with a quick trip to the Art Museum, where the wind was kickin'....big time. We did get in one "must-take" shot, requested by the groomsmen, of a football play. This photographer knows so much about football than when I asked one of the guys to come in a bit closer, he looked at me and said "Uh...I can't. I'm the tight end!"

Shows how much I know!

We hit up the downtown area surrounding the reception location, The Grain Exchange, where the excellent ideas from the bridal party really took off. An homage to West Side Story was a was a recreation of the fight/dance scene from Michael Jackson's "Beat It" (complete with sound effects compliments of the groomsmen). Gotta love a wedding party with ideas!

The reception was decorated to the hilt with gorgeous flower arrangements mixed in with pumpkins and cupcakes topped with bats....a bit of a nod to the weekend festivities. The speeches were especially both the Matron of Honor and the Best Man decided to do visual aids with their toasts....the comparison between the groom and Golom was a highlight, for sure!

It was a wonderful evening, and Katie and Tim were surrounded by supportive, loving family and friends. It was also my 2nd to last wedding of the season...a season that went FAR too quickly!

I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! I had a blast with your group yesterday!

Church of the Gesu. Absolutely STUNNING.

This little guy decided to take a bit of a stroll during Communion

"Showin' how funky strong is your fight"

Direction from the groomsmen: "You've just been given a puppy!"!

Ceremony: Church of the Gesu Milwaukee, WI
Reception: Grain Exchange Milwaukee, WI
Catering: Bartolotta


Audubon Babies | Milwaukee Family Photographer

I absolutely love shooting at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center in Milwaukee. Especially later in the day when there is just something about the light hitting the tall grass and various plants that is just so gorgeous. Stick a family or a few cute kids among the beauty and you have instant magic.

Today's subjects were no exception. I first met Kaitlyn and her family when I photographed her sister's wedding in 2009. She and her husband Jason just recently added baby Gavin to their family. Older son Quinnlan is just a NATURAL, in every sense of the word. I remarked to Kaitlyn that he doesn't seem to have a "fake smile" in him....very sincere and adorable all the way. A joy to photograph.

I hope the family enjoys this little sneak peek, it was great seeing you again!

Baby Gavin

Location: Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Milwaukee, WI

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